World Series of Poker Review: Games Modes, Events and Game Control

World Series of Poker Review: Games Modes, Events and Game Control

Playtika’s WSOP (World Series of Poker review) is an online poker game. This game is played on both my Samsung smartphone and my computer. I’ve been playing WSOP for a long time and am highly comfortable with the game. I’m going to go over each section of the game and give my thoughts on it.

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Game Modes

Texas hold’em is a game played at the World Series of Poker. This is the poker variant that the majority of people are familiar with and like playing. Omaha hold’em is also available at the WSOP. It’s fun to play something different, and it’s wonderful to have options.


You can also play a game of sit and go. This is a well-liked short tournament format. I prefer classic freezeouts to the winner taking all formats offered by the WSOP.

The winner-take-all system necessitates a unique strategy. Coming in second or third place doesn’t earn you anything. To earn chips in most sit and go, you must first win one round and then play in a follow game.


WSOP Has a lot of events. Some of the events are unique ways to play poker. Some events award bonuses for completing specific tasks. The diversity of events is appealing, and I enjoy keeping up with them and participating in WSOP on a regular basis.

Game Control

The controls are adequate. Making exact bets can be difficult at times. The bet slider, in my opinion, requires more sensitivity.

Collecting Rings in WSOP

For winning so many tournaments, the game awards you with rings. This is cool, and I enjoy using things like this to demonstrate my poker expertise. Trophies can also be obtained by gaining circuit points while competing in tournaments.

For playing ring poker for a long time, you can win bracelets. I enjoy how the game offers such long-term objectives. Because I enjoy playing poker, I have the opportunity to strive toward these objectives.

Table Options

There are a few features in the WSOP that I wish all poker games had. Auto-top-up and auto-rebuy options are available in the game.

My goal as a poker player is to win as many chips as I can. I only play stakes where I have the ability to buy in full.

Auto topping off ensures that I always have the maximum number of chips. I despise playing small stacked games. It would have been good to be able to change the look of the deck and table as well. However, this feature isn’t available in too many poker games.

Speed Options

On WSOP, the fast setting is actually fast, forcing players to keep up with the table action.

I understand why some people may dislike this option, but there are also slower tables to choose from. I’m trying to play as many hands as possible, so I’m concentrating on that.

Players in ring games are also kicked from the table if they miss too many acts, according to the WSOP. This is fantastic since it prevents individuals from wasting time.

Everything appears to be in order. The game isn’t particularly showy, but it does the job. The game’s audio is uninteresting. I usually disable them because I don’t believe they contribute anything to the game.That is my full World Series of Poker Review. Overall, the WSOP is a good game. It’s not the best poker game I’ve ever played, but it’s still enjoyable. You can’t go wrong with WSOP if you want to play a fun mobile poker game.