what is chinese poker

What Is Chinese Poker? Easy Example for Beginners

Do you know what is Chinese poker? Well, you must have heard its term by now. However, it is certainly becoming a favorite among Asian players. Without any further do, here our explanation on it. 

The Overview on What Is Chinese Poker

Each player is dealt 13 cards. The object is to arrange them into 3 groups consisting of 3-cards (front group), 5-cards (middle group), and 5-cards (back group). Once arranged you then compare group-against-groups with other players and each group that ranks higher than your opponent’s corresponding group earns you 1 unit. 

A player’s back group must be stronger than his middle hand, and his middle group must be stronger than his front group. Otherwise, the player pays a penalty to each opponent for “wrong arrangement”. 

Please note that in the event of a player having a flush or a straight with cards of the same rank in more than one hand, the suit of the high card determines which the stronger hand is and thus where the hand must be placed. Suits rank as follows: ♠, ♥, ♣, ♦.

Only 3 group-types are possible for the front group: 3-of-a-Kind, pair, and high card. Straights and flushes typically don’t count (see Clean Sweeps below).

Say you’re dealt the following cards:

You could arrange them like this:

  • Front hand
  • Middle hand
  • Back hand

The back hand, a straight flush, beats the middle hand, 4-of-a-Kind, which beats the front hand, 3-of-a-Kind.

Once the hands are played, each player compares his 3 groups against those of each of the other players. In a four-person game, this means that each player makes three unique comparisons, one against each other.

You gain 1 unit for each group of another player that you defeat, and you lose 1 unit for each group that you defeat. When the groups compete, there is no winner or loser.

Surrendering in Chinese Poker

A player may surrender his/her group before the showdown. His/Her group won’t be compared with other players’ groups, but the player must pay each opponent 3 units.

Additional Rules

1.  If a player fails to set front, middle and back groups in the proper ranking order, the group fouls and the player pays a penalty to each opponent who didn’t surrender:

  • Against a Clean Sweep hand, the Clean Sweep hand’s worth.
  • Against a regular hand, 3 units + any opponent’s bonus.

2.  A player fouls if he/she declares a Clean Sweep but can’t produce it, unless an opponent has already declared intention to surrender.

Betting Initiation

The dealer button is used to determine who initiates the comparison of their groups. The player with the dealer button will compare his groups with each other player at the table starting with the player to his left, then continuing comparisons clockwise around the table. 

The player to the left of the dealer is next to the comparison group, he starts by comparing with the player to his left and then continues clockwise around the table until he has compared with all players. 

Finally the next person after the dealer makes his comparison with the last player at the table by which point all groups at the table will have been compared. 

Disconnection Policy

If you are disconnected from the internet while a game is going on, you have the duration of the game to reconnect and resume. The game will progress even if you’ve been disconnected.

It is up to the player to ensure his internet connection is reliable. We help you determine the reliability of your internet connection by displaying the network connection strength from your computer to our servers. Internet Connection status is displayed in the lower left corner as “Good”, “Fair”, “Poor”, or “Not Connected”. If the connection dips to Fair, either finish your hand and reconnect, or wait for a better time to resume play.

By joining and starting a game with the indicated internet connection strength, a player shall therefore be deemed to accept this Disconnection Policy. Well, that is what is Chinese poker that you can find out.

Despite its lack of popularity, a number of online gambling sites now provide this Chinese poker gambling game service. If you want to play it, you conduct an internet search using related terms such as chinese poker, chinese poker game, Situs Judi Online Terpercaya and others to find an online gambling site.

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