What is Adventures Beyond Wonderland Online Game

What is Adventures Beyond Wonderland Online Game

Jump down the rabbit hole and embark on an adventure with thousands of players from around the world. Playtech transformed its modern online slot into the Adventures Beyond Wonderland, such as an exciting live show of the same name. The Alice in Wonderland themed live game show is packed with surprising features and bonus rounds that can earn you big cash prizes.


Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland

The big wheel of Adventures Beyond Wonderland is central to the game. The wheel has a total of 54 fields of numbers and various bonus rounds.

You can bet on four numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 10 on playing the adventures beyond wonderland. The wheel has 22 segments with the number 1, 15 fields with the number 2, 5 sections with the number 5 and four fields with the number 10. Each number multiplies your bet.

In addition to the numbers, the wheel has a total of 8 sections with bonus rounds. There are 3 bonus rounds in this game, but some rounds award prizes in different ways. The 3 bonus rounds are: Wonderspins, Magic Dice and Mystery Bonus Spins. For this final bonus round you do not have to place a bet to have a chance of winning.

When the wheel lands on a space on which you have placed a bet, you can win a cash prize or trigger a bonus game. You can choose to bet on numbers only or combine numbers with the bonus rounds available

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus Game

If the winning result is 2 or 5 Wonderspins, a white rabbit will appear and take you on an adventure. This is the most important and most lucrative bonus game. The whole studio starts spinning and the live host walks to a brand new wheel made up of different characters from the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. Each character on the wheel has a different multiplier associated with it.

Before the bonus wheel is turned by the presenter of Adventures Beyond Wonderland, a smaller wheel in the middle of the main wheel will first spin. The small wheel determines whether a multiplier is added to any character on the bonus wheel or if you receive an extra Wonderspin.

The wheel will then spin to reveal which multipliers will be given to players betting on the 2 or 5 Wonderspins segments. There are also segments on the bonus wheel that read ‘Eat me’ and ‘Drink me’. If you land on this, the multipliers will change. You can also receive extra spins from the bonus wheel. At the end of the Wonder-spins bonus game, all multipliers collected over the 2 or 5 spins.

Magic Dice on Adventures Beyond Wonderland as Bonus Game

When the main wheel lands on Magic Dice, you are immediately taken to the interactive magic dice bonus. Here you have to choose a path and then two dice are rolled. Depending on the number that appears on the chosen die, a multiplier will be activated or you will move up a 6×4 game grid. As you go up, you work your way up to even higher multipliers.

 The Magic Dice bonus grid has the following tiles:

  • Multiplier tile, activates a multiplier that ends the bonus game.
  • Tile up, you move up a row on the 6×4 game grid. This generates another spin on the dice or brings you closer to the 100 times multiplier.
  • Move up and get a 2 times multiplier: regardless of the color of the dice that land on this tile, all multipliers on the game grid give an increased twice times

 Mystery Bonus

When the main wheel lands on the field with the Mystery Bonus, you have two options to choose from. Either you take a free spin or you choose one of the four soldiers that march towards the screen. The soldiers each have a hidden fixed price, based on all your bets together. A mystery multiplier is added here. The wheel is then turned again.

Verdict of Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a bit reminiscent of Crazy Time, Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. It’s a live game show packed with surprising elements. The theme of Alice in Wonderland is very nicely worked out. 

The symbols are colorful and detailed and the gameplay is also very nice. You never know where the wheel will land and that’s what makes the game so exciting. The live presenter keeps the energy up and ensures that you are never bored. The large multipliers and bonus games can also earn you a lot of money. Adventures Beyond Wonderland is certainly a good addition to Playtech’s live offering.

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