Poker Strategies in many Different Situations

Poker Strategies in many Different Situations

Poker Strategies in many Different Situations. When it comes to poker, there is more than one way to skin a cat. There are many different strategies you can use in many different situations.

A good poker player will learn to identify different opponents, to play with different opponents. And to handle many different situations in a single hand.

A good generalist will know to switch strategies from turn to pot to protect his stack. While still applying pressure on his opponents. A good generalist is a constant source of income.

So it is a good idea to understand the fundamentals of the game. And to learn as many poker strategies as possible. Here are a few of the important poker strategies you might want to review before you start playing for big money.

Play the Opposite Style to the Majority

You can’t really tell a lot from looking at a table. But if you know the players you are playing with. You can identify a good generalist who will understand the significance of a four bet bluff or a check-raise bluff.

If you are challenging a bully with a raise and the majority of the table folds. Then you’ll probably need to study your hand more carefully and perhaps slow play for an opportunity to trap your bully.

Switch Gears Often

We covered this in the previous section, but it’s worth saying again. You need to mix up your play, and do so often. If you are playing tight and a few people bet, then you can play loose and try to steal the blinds with a raise.

The trouble with this is that some players won’t let you raise in a big way, and so you’ll find that you are now playing a larger number of pots – but with much less information.

Spot the Fish and Sharks

The ratio of players who are fish, compared to players who are sharks, is about 10 to 1. Spotting the sharks as soon as they enter a pot is fairly simple. They rarely play decent hands, and therefore are easy prey.

Likewise, spot the fish as soon as they enter a pot. They play a wide variety of hands, and therefore are very hard to spot.

Categorise Your Opponents

The best poker players play their opponents in different ways. If you are playing against a tight nit, you can be sure that if you bet he will quite often fold because he is usually only playing the best hands. Likewise, if you are playing a loose fish, the same can be said.

Some people play tight and some play loose. Some play strong hands, some only play middle pairs. This is purely down to personal preference, but it often comes back to basics.

Perhaps the only truly effective strategy against extremely soft players is to play stronger hands against them. While working a soft player into your own strategy, and vice versa.

Play Lower Limits

When you are starting out, you should only be playing in the lowest limit games. Here, if you have a strong hand, you can a lot more often than in the higher limit games.

You still need to pick your spots and play your cards, but when you get a strong hand you can actually take a free card while getting yourself into a position to win.

Focus on your own cards and quietly concentrate on your opponents cards, and what they could have. That’s essentially what they are doing behind the blinds.

If you can do this, when you are completely free. You can steal a lot of blinds and that’ll teach you when to move all in pre-flop and when to sit back and relax.

But you also must pick your spots, and that’s where concentration comes into play. If you think you have the best hand, while everyone else seems to be betting. Then it’s a good idea to go for the big raise.

Behind the Clicks

A good poker calculator will provide you with almost instant information about your opponents. And help improve your game dramatically. Playing against a pro will require you toTracker a series of all their previous games.

Then when you get a chance, start another game. Don’t be afraid to play at multiple tables. You may lose a few games before your skills improve enough to play at two. Then you can try three, four or five games at a time.

Pick out a big stack

This is the guy who can afford to play long games. And who will be most likely to reach the final table with an in-the-money finish. Don’t pick on the big stack, unless you have killer hands.

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