Poker Heat Review

Poker Heat Review: Type of Poker Available, Game Control and Many Else

Playtika has two poker games: Poker Heat and Poker Heat 2. I’ll go through what I like and don’t like about the game in this Poker Heat Review.

I’ve been playing Poker Heat for quite some time. This is a game that I am very familiar with and frequently play. I’ve played this game on my Samsung smartphone and on my Chromebook in the web browser version.

Full Poker Heat Review

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Straight to the point, here is my Poker Heat Review. You can check it to find good and bad things about this game.

Type of Poker Game Available 

Outside of events, Texas hold’em is the only game mode available. There are no sit and go games or tournaments in this game.

Poker Heat also introduces some unusual new poker variations. These tournaments appeal to me because they provide a new dimension to the game of poker.

In Red Attack, for example, the deck of cards has solely red suits. This encouraged players to play in a way that favored flushes.

Game Control

The bet controls in this game are excellent. To set the number of chips I wish to bet, I like to tap. My wagers are quite precise. In the past, I’ve played a few poker games where I spent more time fighting the controls than betting chips.

There are odd issues with the game’s controls from time to time. The buttons to fold, for example, will occasionally vanish! I’ve also seen some troubles when it comes to playing during events. Occasionally, buttons that should not be seen will become visible. These problems do not occur frequently, and when they do, I find them strange.


Depending on where you finish in leagues, you will receive chips and crown points. Your character picture is also distinctive if you are in the top two leagues. Winning hands get you points.

Collecting Rings

Playing the game and winning hands allows you to acquire rings. Crowns are used to earn rings.

In addition, as you win larger hands, you make more progress toward obtaining crowns, just like you do with league points.

Rings are another fun way to flaunt your poker prowess. To get the rings, you’ll need to win a lot of hands. I enjoy having a long-term goal to work toward as someone who enjoys playing poker.

Seeing someone with one of the more difficult rings indicates how frequently they play the game. When you finish a ring, you’ll also get some bonus chips.


Poker Heat is always hosting some sort of game event. There are far too many events to name, but they all revolve around playing poker in a specific way or doing something special.

One tournament, for example, gave participants extra chips if they won with an ace in their hand.

Game Animation

The animations in Poker Heat are incredibly fluid and energetic. When joining and leaving a table, the game offers excellent transitions.

You get a personal status report at the end of each season, which is entertaining to look over. The game notifies you whether you move up or down in a league by displaying an animation on the leaderboard.

This game’s animations are all fantastic! The way Poker Heat looks and sounds is a big part of why I enjoy it so much.


This game’s song is one of my favorites. For a change, I appreciate it when mobile devs attempt to include some great music. There are also original music for each event in the game.

The game’s audio is also fantastic! There are some that are exciting, and I enjoy hearing them.That is my Poker Heat review we have compiled. So are you interested in playing Poker Heat, one of the best poker games?