Deposit Balance of Online Poker Agent

Deposit balance for online poker player. Did you know that online poker agent is now offering credit transactions? You all know this, of course, because there are already a great many enthusiasts of credit transactions.

This is because you can easily top up credit at the counter or send credit from a personal mobile phone. Therefore, credit traffic is booming in Indonesia. All people can try to gamble with the best poker agents. And almost all gambling players in Indonesia make loan deposits.

However, did you know that players making loan deposits often encounter obstacles when making deposits? For those of you who make frequent loan deposits, you will surely encounter obstacles often.

This is where these obstacles prevent your balance from being processed by the poker agent. And of course you will be confused if the credit cannot be edited. Therefore, we will take this opportunity to discuss the barriers to lending and how to overcome them. Please see our review below.

Online poker agent loan deposit restrictions that are common

When you deposit funds with an online poker agent, you have of course made the experience that the funds are not processed or processed after 1 x 24 hours. Do you know the reason for this? For some players, they definitely know the source of the problem. So check out our review below for more clarity.

Serial number does not come

The first obstacle and what often happens is that the serial number does not come. When the Telekomsel or XL operator is in trouble. Usually the serial number or SN does not enter the destination number or city number. So it will slow down your loan deposit transactions.

Different serial number

The next obstacle is a different serial number. You will often need to find out a different serial number. This is usually caused by credit intermediaries who are not registered with the Telekomsel or XL Operator Center. And this other SN is preventing your credit transaction from being processed.

Send random pulses

The third obstacle is the random sending of pulses. Typically, every poker agent has set the destination number for depositing funds for members. However, there are still players who send funds to different destination numbers. Though the target number still belongs to the poker agent. However, this will result in your heart rate being processed more slowly.

How to overcome poker agent loan deposit restrictions

Now that you know the obstacles, now is the time to know how to overcome them. Please register on the situs judi online and read the reviews below to solve the problem of depositing funds with a poker agent. The following are a number of ways to overcome the problem of depositing credits so that they can be processed, including:

Request the serial number at the counter

The first and most important way is to ask the meter for the serial number. When you top up your credit at the counter, you need to ask for the SN number. You can just ask for the SN number or take a picture of the SN. It would be nice if you took a photo of the SN number for clarity.

Confirm the destination number before you top up the credit

The second option is to confirm the loan deposit destination number. Before sending the credit, you should first confirm the destination number for the deposit. So that your credit deposit can be processed quickly and if the Sn is different. The poker agent can adjust the time it takes to top up the credit. / Dy

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