Multiplier Odyssey Review

Multiplier Odyssey Review: RTP 96.50% (Relax Gaming)

If you are searching for the Multiplier Odyssey review as you wish to earn big wins, you can find it out in this article! One of the many slot machine producers now producing quality games is Relax Gaming, and we’d place this game among their best recent releases. 

It’s futuristic, involves a group of human and alien troops, is extremely nicely made, and does a respectable job of presenting cool features and significant rewards.

A Brief of Multiplier Odyssey Review

With 15 lines and 5×3 reels, Multiplier Odyssey may not seem like much at first, but once you learn about the potential 50,000x prize, we think you’ll find it to be rather interesting. With a 96.50% RTP and strong volatility, this slot machine depends on scatters, wilds, the Coin Collector bonus, and multiplier-added free spins.

1. Bet and Prizes

The bets you choose in Multiplier Odyssey will start at a minimum of $0.10 and can go as much as $20 for one spin, covering 15 lines.

Even if it’s not that difficult to find new slots these days that pay exceptionally well, a jackpot of 50,000 times the initial bet can still astound. Few games will reach that high, but Multiplier Odyssey can provide such a reward if you get the multipliers at the proper size and moment.

You may anticipate that any slot machine offering such a high return would also have a very high level of volatility. At 96.50%, RTP is satisfactory as is.

2. Game Features

A wild will be one of the main feature symbols offered. It offers up to 100x the stake if it covers a whole line on its own, so you can use it as a replacement or to create top-paying combos.

Coin Collector

One of its additional features is called Coin Collector. Both the Coin Collector symbol, which will land on reel 5, and the Coin symbols, which appear on the first four reels and have cash values on them, are essential to the game. 

You must also have that Collector visible in order to claim the rewards from all coins that are now visible. The 3x symbol, a variation of the Collector, will treble your coin prizes.

Look for the free spins to get to the really thrilling part. It will give you 7 to 9 extra lives when you get three or more scatter symbols of a spaceship on the reels. After 7-9 losing spins, the feature finishes since you lose one life for each round in which you didn’t win anything. However, it can take some time before that occurs.

The multipliers, which are a significant portion of the free spins, begin with 10 values and are visible at the top. As you accumulate wins, you use them up, and they are then applied and then taken away. If certain symbols appear, you could win more lives, receive larger multipliers, or even get rid of the lowest multipliers.

Super Multiplier

A Super Multiplier will become available once you have completed 10 successful spins and eliminated the initial multipliers. The game then continues until you get a winning spin and may apply the Super Multiplier to it to increase your win by 100 times.

3. Theme and Design

Though the plot is probably entirely different, it has the same sci-fi slot machine aesthetic as Space Marines. The four troops depicted in its insignia are a mix of humans and aliens, heavily armed, and outfitted in space suits or armour. 

The standard card suits are used for the next four symbols, albeit in this case they have been significantly altered to fit the subject. Finally, there are a number of special symbols, such as wilds, scatter spaceships, or coins and coin collectors.

Our Conclusion

Even if science fiction isn’t your thing, you can still like this game because it has enough interesting features and worthwhile goals for you to achieve. Well, those are our results on the Multiplier Odyssey review, try this game at situs slot online terbaik.

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