King of Seven Slot

King of Seven Slot: Free Play Game (Triple PG) Review

If you struggle to play this game, then read first our review of the King of Seven slot. This article will help you in the winning sequence. But most importantly, this review can help you decide whether or not this is a worthwhile slot to play or not.

General Description of The King of Seven Slot

On the surface, the King of Seven slot appears to be the most traditional of bar machines. The symbols are familiar to you: a red seven, cherries, stars, and diamonds. The system is very traditional, with 5 reels arranged on 3 lines and 25 pay lines, but from the first spin, you will realize that this Triple PG title is extremely deceptive, as it wants you to believe that it is a simple and linear slot machine but in reality hides several interesting surprises.

The first thing that will impress you is the method of sliding the reels and the alternation of winning combinations; additionally, you can win a lot of Free Spins, and don’t forget about the three Jackpots available, the Minor, Major, and Grand, which can be won at random.

In short, the King of Seven slot will not disappoint, and we strongly advise you to take a few laps. But first, read our review to find out what awaits you on the reels of this exciting Triple PG slot!

The game layout is extremely simple, almost Spartan, with a barely visible psychedelic background and 5 reels that take up nearly the entire screen. However, keep in mind that you can play the King of Seven slot on both desktop computers and mobile devices, so the positioning of the buttons may vary slightly depending on the device.

The colours are vibrant and vibrant, and the graphics are a little retro but still very enjoyable and robust. Because there are no specific animations or effects that interrupt the scrolling of the reels, you can fully concentrate on the game. Two of the three Jackpots you could win are displayed at the top, on either side of the slot logo, almost as a kind of reminder.

Instead, on the other three sides of the reels, you’ll find all of the keys you’ll need to play or learn the game’s paytable and rules. The most important buttons, namely play, autoplay, and bet, are located in the lower section. The play button advances the game one spin at a time; the autoplay button, on the other hand, allows you to choose whether the game should continue on its own for 10, 50, 100, or 999 spins.

You can make the reels spin faster by pressing the button that looks like a lightning bolt. The bet per single payline is then multiplied by 25, which is the total number of paylines in the King of Seven slot.

Seven and Cherries: Symbols In The King of Seven Slot

We can say that when selecting the symbols for the King of Seven slot paytables, the Triple PG technicians mixed all of the most classic symbols from both physical and online slot machines. The low-pay icons are, as is customary, J, Q, K, and A, designed in block letters and bright colours. The horseshoe, cherries, four-leaf clover, bell, and then him, the King of Seven, a beautiful red seven with a crown on it, are the symbols that pay more and more.

The Wild and Scatter symbols are the two special symbols. The diamond is the Wild symbol, and it can replace all other symbols except the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is a silver star, and it can activate the Free Spins feature. In the following paragraph, we will look at the free spins features of this Triple PG video slot.

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Jackpot, and Other Features of King of Seven Slot

Let’s start with an explanation of how a standard game of King of Seven works. When you hit a winning combination, the symbols on the reels stop and become coloured. In contrast, all other symbols spin again in a free respin. If more winning combinations are formed, the symbols that cause them to stop, and so on until no more winning symbols remain. The debt is now paid, and the spins resume their normal scrolling. These assumptions apply to free spins as well.

The number of Free Spins you receive is determined by how many Scatters you manage to land on the reels. Free spins start at 10 with 5 Scatter symbols and increase to 15 with 6 Scatter, 20 with 7, and 25 with 8. If you collect 9 to 15 Scatters, you will receive 30 free spins. Remember that during the free game, all of your winnings are multiplied by x3.

Finally, don’t forget about the Jackpots. You can win them at random: during the game, the Jackpot mini-game may appear, with 9 coins arranged in a square pattern. You must turn them one at a time until you find three identical symbols (diamonds, spades or hearts). You are now awarded the Jackpot corresponding to the symbol you matched. The most you can win while playing the King of Seven slot is 75,000 times your stake, you can play at official site or Slot777 site.

Our Conclusion on King of Seven Slot

If bar slots continue to be your favourite, despite all the innovations that have taken place in recent years, undoubtedly the King of Seven slot is the slot for you. This is because it stays true to the spirit of the bar slots, and at the same time introduces many innovative elements that appear very interesting especially when you play for real money. 

We don’t just think about Jackpots, but also about the fact that your winnings are tripled during Free Spins. However, if you wish, you can also try Triple PG’s King of Seven slot just for fun in the free demo version.

Finally, thank you for reading this review of the King of Seven slot. Good luck and play responsibly!