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How to Get Rid of The Bad Habit of Gambling?Here’s The Answer

How to get rid of the bad habit of gambling? Our review this time will answer that question for you.

Most people would agree that gambling is a bad habit. Gambling can bring a lot of bad effects for people who are already in love with the game which is banned in many of these countries.

The negative impact caused by the habit of gambling itself cannot be said lightly, ranging from financial damage to the potential for committing suicide. There are even studies that reveal that gambling habits can cause mental disorders in addicts.

In line with that, one of the owners of the Bigwin333 site said that, “gambling activities have a bad impact and can lead to addiction.

Apart from his business which is a gambling business, he hopes the awareness of his members to continue to understand the impact of gambling. Of course with the level of maturity to think rationally.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Bad Habit

Regarding this gambling, this time we will discuss a little about how to get rid of this bad habit of gambling. Here are some tips that can help to get rid of this bad gambling habit. 

1. Finding out the Causes and Triggers of Gambling Habits

All actions must have a background. If you have a gambling habit and want to get rid of it, finding out what triggers your gambling habit is a mandatory step for you to do.

Many studies say that one surefire way to get rid of bad habits is to know the triggers of these bad habits. After you know for sure the cause, then your next task is to avoid everything that can trigger these bad habits.

Even some gambling sites have clearly appealed to their members to be able to control their gambling activities. For example, on the MenaraQQ website , it is clear that writing informing  gambling activities must always be under control .

This proves that no matter how prevention has been done, the awareness of every gambler must remain a top priority. Therefore it takes a strong motivation from each individual itself.

2. How to get rid of bad Habit ? Get Strong Motivation

If you really want to quit the habit of gambling, you will need a strong motivation to do so. Especially if you have long enough to get used to these bad habits.

Try to determine the positive goals you want to get from changing the bad habit. With a rational and positive goal, then you will get a strong motivation to stop gambling.

Your motivation will be stronger if you realize the bad effects that happen to you after getting to know the world of gambling.

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3. How to Get Rid of Bad Habit ?Avoid the Triggers of Gambling Habits

As previously mentioned, to be able to control or even eliminate the bad habit of gambling, you should avoid the triggers. 

For example, you have a habit of playing online gambling through an application. Then removing the online gambling application from your gadget or device is something you can do. You should also stop visiting gambling sites or coming to gambling places.

For those of you who are tempted by various marketing strategies from gambling sites such as bonuses and prizes , immediately realize that this is just a mere false hope.

4. Stay away from the Gambling Environment

Other tips on how to get rid of bad gambling habits that are also recommended are to stay away from the gambling environment. If you are still friends with friends who have a gambling habit. So you should start limiting it.

This is a must, because the environment is one of the main factors that shape character and also a habit. If you are in a positive environment, then you will be faster to get rid of your gambling habit.

5. Join a Positive Environment

After getting out of an environment that has the potential to make you fall into gambling again, joining a positive environment becomes your other PR. Try to start building friendships with people who will lead you to good things.

In that case, you might want to try joining a skills development community. Besides being able to make you get rid of the habit of gambling. This will also expand your friendship.

6. Keeping yourself busy with positive things

To change bad habits, then you can try to fill your mind with positive things. Try to get used to doing various positive activities, such as reading, exercising or participating in certain skills training.

Positive activities that you run will slowly shift bad habit out of your head. Positive habits or activities will also have a positive impact on your health and life. 

For example, exercising will make you fitter. While reading can make you more insightful and wise. 

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7. Make a Commitment 

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

Making a commitment is another tip that you can try to get rid of the gambling habit. Research in the field of psychology shows that a strong commitment plays a big role in breaking all bad habits. 

Commitment itself can be interpreted as a condition where a person devotes all his efforts and time to the things he wants or wants. Simply put, a commitment is a promise to do or not to do something.

For example, if you are committed to stop playing online gambling, then try your best not to touch it and stay firm until the end. If you manage to do it, then you will be free from all bad habits, including gambling.

8. Trying New Things

To be able to divert your mind from the bad desire to gamble, then you can try to do new things. For example, you have never tried a particular sport before, maybe you can try it.

Who knows, things you’ve never tried before are something that suits you and can become a positive habit. This positive habit will slowly replace your old habit of gambling

There are a number of studies that reveal that new habits can replace old habits. One of them is a well-known psychologist named Timothy Pychyl. 

Timothy revealed that eliminating old habits is the same as replacing them with new habits.

The point is, you can try new things to take your mind off the desire to gamble. On the other hand, you can also find new habits that can replace your gambling habits.

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9. Make Small Changes

Big changes always start small. When you want to stop a bad habit like gambling. Start making small changes to your lifestyle. For example, previously you always used your free time to play games or gamble.

Try to slowly change it by doing other activities that are more positive. Slowly increase the frequency of your new activity. For example, you want to start getting used to reading. In the first week start by reading 1 book.

And then slowly increase your frequency, for example to read 1 book for 3 days. This will help you get rid of your old habit of gambling.

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10. Write down your plan as a reminder

Still talking about how to get rid of the bad habit of gambling, another step you can try is to write down your plan. When you intend to stop gambling, then put your plan into writing.

This will be a reminder for you to stay firm to get rid of your bad habits. In addition, the notes or journals that you write can be a report of your progress in leaving your bad habits.

It is also recommended for you to write positive things that you will do in the future. It will also help you forget your gambling habits.

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11. Never Be Shy To Ask For Help

You need to realize that humans are social creatures who cannot live alone. For that, never hesitate to ask for help from others. If you feel you need help from friends or family to get rid of your bad gambling habit, then ask for that help.

Never hesitate to tell your friends or family. In addition to lightening the burden you are carrying, storytelling will also help you get motivation and solutions to your problems.

12. Learn From Your Mistakes

Because you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you have to keep sinking in regret. Get up and make your mistakes an experience so you don’t fall back. 

By forgiving yourself and learning from your mistakes, you will be quicker to leave your bad gambling habits behind.

13. Improve Your Worship

In all religious teachings, gambling is a sin. Because you have sinned, it is an obligation for you to repent and improve yourself. Have a heartfelt intention to repent and then start repairing your worship.

Routinely return to worship that you may have left or often missed. If you have free time, also take the time to take part in a number of studies. By doing so, peace and ease to get rid of the bad habit of gambling will come.

14. Imagining the Bad Impact

If so, there is a moment where you feel a high desire to gamble. You can also try to imagine the bad effects of this gambling habit. Try to visualize yourself in a state of poverty due to frequent gambling and losing.

By doing this, you will be able to suppress your desire to play gambling. This method itself is widely known as visualization alarm.

15. Reward Yourself

Breaking a bad habit is a big challenge. Therefore, it is a natural thing if you give yourself credit for the efforts you do. 

Try to reward yourself after there has been progress in your efforts to leave the bad habit of gambling. This award will give you motivation to leave your bad habit.

You can customize the awards given to your liking. But remember, don’t overdo it.

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The Time It Takes To Get Rid Of Bad Gambling Habits

If you ask about how long it will take to completely get rid of the gambling habit. Actually this is something that is unpredictable and very much depends on your determination and efforts.

However, there are a number of studies that provide an idea of ​​how long it takes to break a habit. 

One of the studies that reveals this is research from University College London . In this study, the experts took data from 96 people within 12 weeks.

From the study it was found that the average person takes 66 days to break an old habit or start a new habit.

This study also applies to the case of eliminating gambling habits. You will probably need at least 66 days or about 2 months to be completely free from gambling habits.

Of course a number of factors such as determination, age, environment can also affect the speed at which the process of eliminating this bad habit is going.

Important Factors In Eliminating Gambling Habits

To be successful in eliminating the habit of gambling. There are several important factors that must be considered. Some of them include:

  • Target. Clearly define the things you should do to get rid of the gambling habit. It also includes a prediction of the time you need.
  • Environment . The environment has a big influence in changing gambling habits. Get out of the circle of friends that lead you into gambling.
  • Replacement habits. Establish positive habits that will help get rid of the bad habit of gambling.
  • Unyielding attitude . Getting rid of bad habits is not easy. Therefore, never give up halfway. Be determined and keep trying until you succeed.

How To Get Rid Of The Bad Habit Of Gambling From The Medical Side?

The world of medicine is currently very advanced, there have been many studies that focus on studying the treatment of various addiction conditions, including gambling addiction. One type of treatment found is psychotherapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Psychotherapy, which is more commonly called cognitive behavioral therapy, is a therapy that aims to train how to think and act. This therapy is used to change the perspective and reaction to a problem faced by the patient.

In simple terms, it can be said that this therapy will improve the patient’s perspective and reaction to the problem to be more positive. 

CBT is also widely mentioned in a number of health pages and can help patients find positive solutions to their problems, including addiction problems or gambling habits.

Besides being able to overcome the problem of gambling habits. According to one well-known health page, CBT can also be used for a number of other health problems such as:

  • Phobia
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Drug addiction 
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Sexual disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • and others.

CBT therapy can also be used for all ages. Currently, CBT therapy services themselves can be found easily in big cities in Indonesia. 

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Consult Your Gambling Habits Problem With a Psychiatrist

In addition to undergoing the cognitive behavioral therapy mentioned earlier, consulting a psychiatrist can also help get rid of your bad gambling habit.

Not many know that in fact, this habit or addiction to gambling can occur due to changes in dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine can be referred to as a compound produced by the brain that can provide a happy effect.

Research shows, in the brains of people who have a habit of gambling, dopamine production has increased. This also explains why sufferers experience a happy sensation when gambling.

To suppress the production of dopamine, usually psychiatrists will prescribe a number of drugs that must be consumed by the patient. This remedy will reduce the desire to gamble as well as the sensation of happiness described earlier.


From the discussion on how to get rid of the gambling habit mentioned above. There are several outlines or important points that you can draw. 

The important points of how to get rid of gambling habits are as follows:

  • Knowing the triggers of gambling habits
  • Determined to stop gambling berhenti
  • Stay away from things that trigger the habit of gambling
  • Stay away from gambling environment
  • Join a good environment
  • Do a lot of positive things
  • Make a commitment to stop gambling
  • Trying new things
  • Making small changes
  • Writing a plan to get rid of the gambling habit
  • Asking friends and family for support
  • Make mistakes an experience
  • Get closer to God
  • Imagining the bad effects of gambling when you are hit by a great desire to gamble
  • Reward yourself after successfully eliminating the habit of gambling

That’s a brief discussion of how to get rid of the bad habit of gambling. Hopefully useful and can help stop this one bad habit.

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