Hey Sushi Slot Review

Hey Sushi Slot Review (Habanero) High Volatility, RTP 96.7%

Are you planning to play an online slot machine? Well, this Hey Sushi slot review is for you! When it comes to slot machines centered on Japanese cuisine, foodies have a lot of choices, but one more wouldn’t be bad, especially if there are terrific multipliers to keep things interesting. 

Hey Sushi is one of those slots, a Habanero product that is based on the company’s standard high-end visuals but includes a variety of features that can prove fascinating along the road.

Hey Sushi Slot Review: An Interesting Game

You’ll be playing on 5×3 reels with 25 active lines, and with the appropriate symbols and multipliers, you might win up to 1,304x your stake during the better rounds. 

Despite its high RTP potential, the slot’s volatility is high, but that’s something to keep an eye on regardless, as the casino can choose the return level. The multipliers and cascading reels, as well as the free spins where they get even more amazing, are among the features that the game will give.

1. Wagering Option

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of cash to play Hey Sushi. All it takes is $0.25 to spin the 5 reels and send $0.01 to every one of the 25 paylines. However, if you want to spend up to 10 coins per line or denominations of up to $10, the option is available. Wagers might reach $2,500 per spin using this method.

The Grand Jackpot, a progressive prize that can be worth a lot of money, is one of the game’s potential rewards. Otherwise, the game’s best result is a single extraordinarily lucky and profitable spin worth 1,304x the bet.

The game is defined as having a high volatility and an excellent RTP, which is normally 96.7 %, although there are choices both lower and higher than that for Habanero online casinos to use if they so like. Before you begin playing, make sure you understand the RTP.

2. Slot Features

When you play Hey Sushi, you’ll see that whatever winning combination you get will be swiftly followed by a cascading reels mechanic. 

Multipliers increase as winning symbols are replaced with new ones, and the value of any additional combinations generated will increase. For the base game, up to 5x multipliers can be applied this way.

There’s a chance for even greater during the free spins, which you get 10 of. There, multipliers from cascading reels can reach up to 15x their original value. When the scatters appear when the multiplier is higher, you’ll have a larger chance of winning the free spins.

3. Design and Theme

We’re getting a Sushi-themed slot machine once more, this time one that will take us to a Sushi restaurant. We’re also looking at a crab that is working as the restaurant’s chef, and he’s seated on the table next to the reels. 

Both traditional visuals of sushi and other Japanese cuisine, as well as Royals made of raw seafood and sitting on rice, are used as emblems. It has a nice appearance, and the design is excellent.

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To sum up everything about Hey Sushi slot review, it appears to be a fun new game for site from Habanero, and we like it for the most part. The mix of significant volatility with rewards of up to 1,304x is the feature that we didn’t like. The latter, we believe, should have been far higher.

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