Gonzo’s Quest Slot Games

3 Great Things in Gonzo’s Quest Slot Games Review

We tested Gonzo’s Quest slot games with 1000 spins. And… What’s we got? Hm, you should know some information below first to get new insight about this game by Netent.

The slot Gonzo’s Quest takes place in South America, in Peru, in the time of the great voyages of discovery. The Earth just wasn’t flat anymore. A fun and beautiful theme and it is something different from all those slots that are based on Hollywood blockbusters.

Gonzo is a Spanish soldier who has discovered a temple of one of the indigenous peoples. Gonzo is there, he’s not crazy either looking for gold. 

The ‘roles’ of Gonzo’s Quest are special. The reels of the slot machine have been replaced by blocks with characters (symbols) falling down. A bit like the booby traps in the Indiana Jones movies, to stay a bit in the Hollywood atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to join playing dominoqq on your favorite site.

The graphics of Gonzo’s Quest are beautiful and colorful. Gonzo’s Quest doesn’t have a soundtrack, you only hear some jungle sounds softly in the background: birds and animals.

If you win something, there is music. That does not disturb and mainly contributes to the fun you have while playing. Yet it is striking that it is a guitar music and not a pan flute orchestra.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Games Review

1. How Gonzo’s Quest Works? 

Gonzo’s Quest has 20 paylines and the minimum bet is $0.20 cents per spin. 

The wildcard (joker) of the game is a question mark. It is also a question mark for us whether the Indians in Peru already used the question mark. In any case, the character replaces every symbol in the game.

After every winning combination, the winning stones inflate themselves and new stones fall into place (that trick is called ‘avalanche’, Google it!). 

That way you can win big prizes. That second (or third, fourth and even fifth) win in a row also has an increasing multiplier of first x2, then x3 and then x5. So your profit keeps getting higher and higher.

However, it gets even more exciting. Three ‘Free Fall’ symbols (a kind of gold coins) on a payline give you access to the feature: Gonzo’s treasure trove with 10 free spins. 

Winnings during those ten free spins are all multiplied by 3. So you have reason to cheer if you get the feature from Gonzo.

2. The 1000 Spins in Gonzo’s Quest

For this review, we have played 1000 spins on Gonzo’s Quest with the minimum bet, so 20 cents per spin.

Soon the first winning stones fall. Within the first hundred spins, Gonzo’s Quest already pays out a prize of more than 18x the bet. So that’s going well. And because of the avalanche, there are regular prizes of a few times the stake.

After a hundred spins, we stand a modest 1 dollar profit. One hundred spins later it is a small minus of a few euros, but after 400 spins there is another plus on the scoreboard. 

The feature has now also been featured a few times. Once with even a profit of $13.05. That is more than 65 times the bet of us.

Unfortunately, the feature only appeared seven times in 1000 spins in total. Not very surprising of course with those huge profits, but still a shame.

Until about 900 spins, we are on a nice win, but then things go wrong and the session ends with a modest loss of $8.05.

3. The Conclusion 

Gonzo’s Quest slot games has been around for a while and is a very popular slot from Netent. We also had a good time playing this slot. 

The popularity can of course be explained by the large number of prizes that fall through the avalanche, giving you a chance to win again after winning (& again & again & again.

The payout percentage (RTP) of almost 96% is also fine and comparable to, for example, Starburst (96.1%).

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