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Gambling is an illegal activity, isn’t it? Yes, it is, because in some countries the government has officially banned all gambling activities. So anything that smells of gambling is definitely a forbidden activity. We can see that there is a lot of news circulating on television and internet media about firm action against perpetrators and the increasing circulation of gambling in Indonesia.

Other evidence that the government has done to eradicate gambling is by arresting those who are indeed involved in gambling itself. Those caught were given very severe legal threats by the government. And of course the government has officially passed a law that prohibits gambling in Indonesia

Gambling is an illegal activity that violates the law and is something that can cause many negative effects for individuals and for the Indonesian nation. Even gambling itself is actually something that has been prohibited by any religion in Indonesia. The religious leaders themselves have also agreed to assist the government in fighting gambling in the country by prohibiting religious people from gambling.

Indeed, gambling has existed from time immemorial and something that cannot be lost from Indonesia just like that. Until now, the circulation of gambling in Indonesia is increasing. And now more and more people are gambling

Of course this cannot be allowed because if that happens, it is not impossible that Indonesia will become a messy country and be destroyed because of gambling. As we all know that gambling destroys many aspects of human life. For example, we can see that many people are willing to commit criminal acts just for the sake of gambling.

Types and Examples of Gambling

Meanwhile discuss about gambling is an illegal activity , now we are going to tell you about many types and examples of ambling. Gambling circulating in Indonesia can be divided into 2 types, namely online gambling and offline gambling, where both types of gambling have their own types. . For offline gambling, among others, dice gambling, playing rummy gambling, soccer gambling and many other types of offline gambling that are indeed spread and played by the community for now.

The types of online gambling that are currently being played by many people are online poker gambling, online qiu-qiu gambling, slot online sites, and many more that will not run out if they are mentioned one by one.

The most popular gambling right now is online gambling, where many people play this gambling themselves because the method is quite easy by only having an internet network and a smartphone media so that they can play the gambling.

As already explained that gambling is an illegal activity, where the government has officially issued a law regarding the prohibition of gambling for the public, and will take firm action against those who are still gambling.

It is the enthusiasm of the people in gambling itself that may encourage the presence of many gambling sites from time to time, and of course this is something that is very inconvenient for the government. The government is having a hard time crushing gambling sites or actors one by one, because the number of them is beyond expectations, very large.

Therefore, your help is needed to ease the burden on the government in gambling. Stop gambling because gambling is an illegal activity. By stopping gambling, you automatically become a law-abiding citizen and assist the government in crushing gambling in Indonesia.

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