Daikoku Blessings Review

Daikoku Blessings Review: RTP 93.59% (Rival Gaming)

If you are curious about the Daikoku Blessings review, you can get it here! The Chinese god of prosperity served as the inspiration for Rival Gaming’s upcoming 2020 release, the Daikoku Blessings slot. 

This game incorporates several design aspects and will mostly focus on the same well-known symbols that are generally present in slots specifically tailored to that region of the world. It has certain advantages, but it also has a very low RTP, which we predict will deter the majority of players.

Summary of Daikoku Blessings Review

Daikoku Blessings’ 6×4 reels and 4096 ways to win make it very simple for players to form winning combos. It also has low volatility and a user-friendly design. The 93.59% RTP will be too big of a drawback for most players, therefore it appears to fall short in terms of really paying out enough to its players. 

Even with that RTP, the winning combos in this game include wins of up to 1,500x. Its minimal volatility is commensurate with its maximum return of 5,000x, or up to 166x the initial investment. Expanding wilds, bonus rounds, multipliers, and jackpots are all significant aspects.

1. Betting and Winnings

For its bets, a minimum of 30 coins in the denomination of $0.01 are needed, which yields a minimum wager of $0.30. You can place bets up to $75 each spin by increasing the number of coins per line (up to 10) or their value (up to $0.25).

If you just took into account the enormous number of possible combinations (up to 4096) and the fact that each combination might pay up to 1,500 times the line bet, the rewards could appear to be promising. 

However, there are limits, so you can only win up to 5,000 times your bet, or around 166 times your bet. That in and of itself is not a problem because the slot machine has low volatility and is not anticipated to pay out a significant top reward.

The game doesn’t, at least by slot machine standards, provide you excellent enough odds to turn a profit from it, thus the fact that the RTP is a low 93.59% is much more of a concern.

2. Game Features

The wild symbol, one of the feature symbols you have at your disposal, will have a fancy fish as its design. The symbol expands to occupy every spot on that reel if new wins arise as a result because it is also an expanding wild. Any winnings that the wild contributes to will receive a 2x multiplier.

The Daikoku scatter sign is the second item on the list. You only need one landing on each reel in order to activate one, two, or three free spins. The multipliers for the wilds during the free spins in this mode range from 2x to 5x at random.

The Holy Hammer Jackpot, an occurrence over which you have no control, may result in random wins.

3. Theme and Design

The focus on riches and frequently enough on the deity of prosperity is a popular choice for developers trying to gain access to the Asian market. The graphics and symbols will rely on the picture of Daikoku’s temple as the main subject here. 

One of the symbols is Daikoku, and there are also decorative fish that act as wilds, in addition to the usual symbols like dragons, frogs, dolls, amulets, owls, origami, rice bags, lucky 8s, flowers, and three different kinds of currency.

The images are of excellent quality and are packed with wonderful details, leaving a favorable overall impression. But creating a decent game requires more than simply attractive visuals.

Final Thoughts

The visuals and numerous opportunities to win on Rival Gaming’s Daikoku Blessings slot will grab your interest, but if you take the time to learn about its projected RTP, which is incredibly low at 93.59%, it’s sure to lose it. Play with situs judi slot online terbaik for the win.

It has little volatility, making it a game for casual players, hence it typically doesn’t pay very much. Despite the fact that it has a low RTP in Daikoku Blessings review, there are many other games that provide you a higher chance and can be just as entertaining.

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