Cygnus Slot Review

Cygnus Slot Review: RTP 96.10%, High Volatility (ELK Studios)

In this Cygnus slot review, we will show to you the betting options, features, and so on to enjoy the game. Despite being inspired by Ancient Egypt, this game is not your standard slot machine, and Elk Studios succeeds in bringing a breath of fresh air to a genre rife with uninspiring offerings. 

We believe you will agree that Cygnus has a lot to offer players, even those who aren’t generally interested in a game with an Egyptian theme, thanks to new gameplay, decent graphics, and a lot of potential.

Best Cygnus Slot Review

This slot machine will start you off with 6 reels and 4096 ways to win, but you can eventually use up to 262,144 ways. The key features that Cygnus has added for you are up to 64x multipliers, bonus symbols, and free drops. 

It can pay up to 5,000x total stake, or $500,000, with their support, and it does so while maintaining an RTP of 96.10%, which is slightly higher than the average.

1. Bet and Prizes

You don’t have to specify the number of lines or the line bet here; all you have to do is choose the total amount that will be used in the next round. The smallest wager offered is $0.20, while the maximum bet is $100.

The game’s top wins are capped at 5,000x total stake, which is decent, however we typically see considerably higher numbers from high volatility slots these days. A jackpot of $500,000 might theoretically be won with the stakes allowed in this game.

The game has a high volatility rating of 8 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. It’ll be alright in the long run, as seen by the 96.10% RTP that was announced in this case.

2. Game Features

The game begins with six reels and four rows of symbols, with a total of 4096 chances to win. As winnings accumulate and avalanches occur, the symbols will slide from left to right, aided by gravity. 

Because the symbols are not all on the same row, but rather diagonally, when any are removed, others may fall from nearby reels to fill in the gaps. As you build combinations, the game will add new rows of symbols, and you might end up with 8 rows of symbols and as many as 262,144 chances to win.

The X symbol is a common occurrence in this game. This one must reach the bottom of the gaming area through a series of avalanches, and if it does, the multiplier will increase. You continue to climb the multiplier pillar, eventually reaching a maximum of 32x.

The wild symbols are the W logos, which work as substitutes whenever they occur on a reel where you need to build a combination. The game also contains a bonus feature with 7 free drops within that you can activate by getting the bonus symbol to reach and touch the left pillar.

3. Theme and Design

Yes, it’s an Ancient Egypt theme, but the way it’s implemented is extremely unique. The two massive pillars on the sides are keeping all of the marble-like symbols that appear on the reels together. 

The graphics on those marbles are very standard, consisting of gemstones, lucky 7s, or images of various animals (camels, birds, cats, and more).

Final Words

To conclude this Cygnus slot review, it appears to be a lot of fun, as a high-volatility slot machine with a lot of potential and a unique way of doing things. We liked the gravity-assisted mechanisms and how Elk used them in this game. You just simply visit Slot gates of olympus to get the best results.

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