Complete on How to Play Domino QQ for Beginners

Complete on How to Play Domino QQ for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to play domino QQ? If you do, you can check our guide below.

Domino QQ is a well-known online card game. Domino Indo, Domino 99 Online, and Qiu Qiu (sometimes spelled Kiu Kiu) are some of the other names for the game. It’s also known as 99 Domino Poker by others. Domino QQ is essentially a poker variant. It’s a popular game in Indonesia. 

Domino QQ is a hybrid between poker as it is played in the West and pai gow, a domino gambling game popular in China. Domino QQ, like most gambling games, takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it can be a very addictive and enjoyable experience. 

Guide How to Play Domino QQ

Here’s a step-by-step guide on teaching you how to play Domino QQ.

Domino QQ Rules

There are a total of twenty-eight double-six dominoes in this game. Every player makes a wager, which might vary in size. High or low bets are available to players. The dealer will hand three dominoes to each player when each player has put their bet and the entire amount of the pot has been amassed. The players can inspect the three dominoes and choose one of four possibilities. 

The first stage is to determine whether or not a player has matched the current high bet. If this is the case, the player has the option to raise the bet, call it, or fold the hand.

These are terms that are comparable to those used in traditional poker. If every player folds or does not match the biggest bet already on the table, the hand and the pot will be won by the player who placed the highest bet and is still at the table. The winning player, as well as everyone else who folded, is not required to reveal their hand.

Bet Limit

The dealer deals the fourth card if more than one player or everyone at the table calls and has identical bet amounts in the pot. There are betting limits in both the previous and current rounds. 

This round’s highest bet limit is usually higher than the preceding round’s. Specific regulations at a single table or for a specific Domino 99 online game, on the other hand, may differ, so read them before you start playing.

How The Game Ends

When there is just one player left, all players have matched bets and no further bets can be put, or a few players have matched equal bets and are ready to reveal their hands, the final round ends. The best hand wins the pot when the cards are revealed. 

The winning hand is determined by taking the second digit into account. After the pips are accumulated and the cards are paired, just the second number is factored in. When a person has a total of twenty-two, the value evaluated is two. If someone has fifteen points, the total is five. Domino QQ is also known as Domino 99 since the highest pair is nine.

There are some situations where a player can beat a pair of nines, such as when the four dominoes add up to 38 or more, when the four dominoes have doubles, or when the four dominoes are nine or less. 

Over nine, a straight win. Three doubles is a unique hand as well. If two or more players have doubles or straights, the player with the highest value wins. If two or more players have straights without doubles, the higher-valued straight wins.

Final Thought

That is all that we can share with you about how to play Domino QQ. if you want to play this card game, there are a lot of gambling sites offering this game. You can check them by using simple keywords on Google such as pkv games terpercaya (in bahasa), domino qq online etc.

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