5 Most Popular GTA Android Games

5 Most Popular GTA Android Games

5 most popular GTA android games – Grand Theft Auto or GTA games can be categorized as the best console games of all time. All versions of the GTA game carry the action-adventure genre plus the nuances of crime. Since it was first released until now, the GTA android game has been present.

Although initially 5 most popular GTA games were only compatible with the Sony PlayStation console. But in the last few years game developers have actually developed GTA specifically for playing via Android smartphones.

Some of the GTA android games developed by the developer Rockstar Games themselves are highly sought after. Just imagine that the Android version itself includes full features. So just playing via a smartphone feels like playing with a PC and PlayStation device.

5 Most Popular GTA Android Games

The waiting for GTA fans seems to be worth it with the presence of the GTA Android game below. Where the GTA game line is also equipped with a number of complete features. Check this out!


1. GTA San Andreas

One of the 5 most popular GTA San Andreas is the most legendary game that is still hits. Players will play the character Carl Johnson and continue the next journey. Where Johnson was leaving the city of San Andreas because of chaos.

Unfortunately, he had to return to the city because his mother was shot dead by the Ballas gang. Finally Carl Johnson decided to take revenge on the death of his mother. His intention was launched against a group of gangsters named Ballas.

In carrying out the action, he was assisted by a gangster named The Groove. GTA San Andreas game will take you through 3 big cities. Where each city is scattered members of the Ballas gang. GTA San Andreas pampers players with a quality visual appearance. Plus the angle of shooting from above via a 2D camera.

2. GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City features the same game methods as the GTA San Andreas version. Where players are required to complete a number of missions and tasks in order to enter the continued storyline. The characters presented include Tommy Vercetti, a member of the Liberty City gank.

If you successfully complete the mission from the supertogel you will be rewarded a certain amount of money. After the money is collected then you can buy various necessities. The hallmark of this one game is that you can pick up a vehicle that is parked on the street at will.


It is called as one of the most hits GTA Android games, GTA III. The fun starts with the game’s main character, Claude. He carries out a secret mission with his gang by exploring cities and various places.

The missions that are carried out are also quite tense. You will be taken around the city of Liberty City to find a nest alley and finish him off. Meanwhile, the city of adventure is also filled with criminal and mysterious nuances.

4. GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is one of the GTA android games that GTA fans are quite interested in. This one game takes you into the character of Toni Capriani. A policeman who returns to town after being accused of being involved in a murder case.

GTA Liberty City Stories version presents a series of changes, such as themes, locations, and character features. However, the enemies still follow criminal organizations. To complete missions, Toni Capriani is equipped with various weapons and skills.

5. GTA: Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars is the only version of GTA that features a retro feel. It can be said that this version is different from its predecessors. The players are still presented with missions and tasks to complete. The game looks perfect with 2D shooting mode from the top corner of the camera. / Dy

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