Poker Tells You Shouldn't Miss

12 Poker Tells You Shouldn’t Miss

Poker Tells You Shouldn’t Miss – Liars are everywhere. You need to learn how to spot them and loss less money to them.

Here is a list of the 12 tells you What to Consider should pick up on

  1. The bully wins at the poker table. Remember the bully gobbles your money and it’s usually all too easy to call him a bully when he shoves his chips in the middle. Guess what? The bully doesn’t always win. How many hands have you seen him play all the way to the river only to shuck, fold or catch some cards? If you see this type, odds are you are dealing with a cheater.
  2. When a play is too loose, especially pre-flop, you can smell a swindle. It readily becomes a norm to open pots with very weak hands for the sake of cheapening the pot. Ask yourself, why is this player shoving his chips in with a premium hand? If you can manipulate the other players at the poker table into thinking you have a premium hand, you win. The norm tends to go with the flow. If you are raising pre-flop with hands like 6-5, if the flop comes 6-3-2, you lose. By faking as a weak hand, you might get away with this for a while, perhaps until your bluff is called, or someone else has a premium hand. Any time you see a situation where the nuts or near nuts is developed and not yours, pressure the other players at the table to call you as cheaply as you can.
  3. If you hit your hand, don’t let others see it. lie and tell someone that you had a flush or straight draw, and you would have had 7, 9, 10 or Ace on the river. When you have a solid hand, you should be able to force others to play against you. The others will have to respect your hand and the odds you are offering them, and not yours. By pushing others out of pots where you have the upper hand, others will be less likely to call you in later hands. There are some things in poker you just can’t do without cheating.
  4. Take freerolls seriously. These are basically free money tournaments offered by online poker sites and card rooms. Players tend to play very loosely in these tournaments, since they’re not risking any of their own money and also because they don’t care about losing money. Although these tournaments can be good practice, you should play more cautiously in low-limit games.
  5. In the money games, be prepared to come in last. When you make it to the money, be sure to conserve your profits. This is the essence of no-limit poker. Several players tend to exert a lot of effort and money during these final few Tables, and some of them may be good. However, some of the players in these final few tables have better hands than you, and unless you have the best hand, or a very strong hand, you want to leave the game with some winnings even if it’s expensive.
  6. With the exception of a few hands, use the flexibilities of your position to your advantage at the poker table. Observe your opponent to understand his playing style. Use this against them. If you know an opponent plays very aggressively, it can be costly to call if you’re holding a less than premium hand. If you know your opponent folds a lot of hands, you might be able to steal a lot of blinds.
  7. In the event of a tie, which is more commonly called a push, you should probably fold. Two players couldn’t proceed in the game due to some difference in cards.
  8. The quickest and easiest way to win at online poker is to know of and learn to play all the available poker strategies, and to learn specifically how to use your chips.
  9. Never go on tilt while playing. Learn to be patient. Don’t be. Live poker is about controlling your emotions and your actions while playing. It is always necessary to step away from the game when necessary.
  10. Take down notes on your opponents. Learn to read players online.
  11. Play your known opponents as loosely as possible. Using prior knowledge and a good poker strategy, try to create a completely misleading impression of your opponents, bringing your opponents along with you on your successful poker venture.
  12. No matter how much you may loathe it, always play from the button. This is the best position to put your opponents in for a successful bluff.

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