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December 16, 2011

[Web] Free Word, Excel templates and more:


Have a small budget but need access to some time-saving templates?  Head on over to and get them for free.  I just had a need for them last night – I needed a ready-made sign in sheet, and vertex42 had what I needed. 

Not only do they have some great templates, but you can get some financial calculators, resume examples, Excel and Word tips and tricks, and much more. 



Calendars, Schedules/Planners, Business, Invoices, Timesheets & HR, Financial Statements, Project Management, inventory, Attendance, Exercise Charts/Logs and much more!


November 15, 2011

Pandora for the Wii: Finetune

I realize this is old news, but as I had said when I put this blog up, CFJ is a way to tell my friends about things that I use in addition to letting you all know, even though it may not be the latest software/web services out there – but you are my friends, right? ;)

Do you like streaming music via Pandora, Last.FM or Slacker?  Do you have a Wii?  You’ve probably been disappointed when you tried to browse to those sites using the Wii’s built-in Internet Channel.  Much to our behest, the built-in Wii browser won’t support anything generated in Flash above version 8.

A workaround to your music needs?  Open your Wii’s Internet browser and head on over to  From there you can select a station based upon an artist or tag, much like Last.FM.

Streaming audio is good over my WiFi connection, with no stutters, buffering, etc. – but your mileage may vary with how congested your network is, of course.  I’ve been able to stream a pretty decent array of artists, and it hasn’t been very repetitive yet…what with the upcoming holidays, you can stream Christmas music (or whatever you celebrate!) with ease.  Put that Wii to good use during your holiday party while you are playing your XBox 360 Kinect!

The downside?  It really is a very basic interface.  I don’t really see any way to save my favorite artists or tags, but hey, I’ll take it!

Do any of you listen to streaming audio on your stock Wii?  How do you do it?

October 27, 2011

Zombies, IT nerds, bacon, oh my!

Fresh back from Spiceworld, I present to you a small film produced by the Spiceworks staff...hilarious!
Zombies + IT + Bacon + Dinosaur = lots of fun. :)

September 30, 2011

Adobe Reader alternative: NitroPDF Reader 2.0


I don’t have time for a full-fledged review, but this program is pretty good.  Being a 25Mb download, the program is definitely lighter weight than the Adobe offering, well, during install, anyway!

NitroPDF Reader has gone through a UI revamp when they released 2.0 in June, and have now included a few highly-requested features such as browser integration for IE, Firefox and Chrome and an enhanced thumbnail handler to preview your PDFs.

September 27, 2011

Swiss-army knife for Windows: Gizmo Central 2.7


You are an intermediate-to-advanced Windows user.  You have a tool for editing your text files, one that burns CDs/DVDs, one that mounts ISOs as disc images, and so on…

But, there is a tool that can do all of the above (well, maybe not so much the “and so on…” part) and make your life easier. 

Gizmo Central is a program that runs in your systray and allows you to quickly perform tasks that would normally be handled by a few other separate programs.  Now, it should be said that Gizmo Central isn’t a full-featured tool for all of these functions, but it serves the purpose for a good portion of what it does do.
Gizmo Central really is a set of modular components, so you can add or remove them as needed to save on memory/processor use.

September 23, 2011

Article: Why you might need to root your Android phone

rootsWhat with the success of Android in the last year, I have definitely jumped ship and am a proud flag waver for the Droid Army.  But, there’s a whole other subculture of the Android fanbase that I haven’t really been a part of…and that is of the modder community.

This is a group of Android enthusiasts that like to alter the behavior of their Android devices well beyond what the general or cellular providers ever intended.  If done by the right person, this can be implemented with great results.  Conversely, if done by someone not paying attention or who is in over their head, the device could end up being bricked.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of rooting my phone, and to be terribly honest, I didn’t even really understand the delineation between “rooting” and installing custom ROMS on the device.